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PowerShell: Get information for an update installation when it is started, finished, and how long take

09 August 2018 Leave a comment

Microsoft’s updates never end. According to some system administrators, this is a headache. According to some system administrators, it is necessary for security. Although you are working with too many updates, in some cases you may need detailed information about the update installation. When did the update begin? When was the update installed? How long was the update set up?

In such situations grab the PowerShell help 🙂
The following codes fetch this information about the update you specified from the machine’s EventView logs.


$eventt=Get-WinEvent -FilterHashtable @{Logname = ‘setup’; id = 1} |
Select Message, Timecreated | Select-String -Pattern ‘KB4339420\d*’ –AllMatches

$eventt |
$zaman=(($_.line).split(“;”)[1].split(” “)[2]).replace(“}”,””)
$kb=$kb2 | foreach{$_.value}
Write-host $KB “Installation start time” $zaman

$eventt2=Get-WinEvent -FilterHashtable @{Logname = ‘setup’; id = 4} |
Select Message, Timecreated | Select-String -Pattern ‘KB4339420\d*’ –AllMatches

$eventt2 |
$zaman2=(($_.line).split(“;”)[1].split(” “)[2]).replace(“}”,””)
$kb3=$kb4 | foreach{$_.value}
Write-host $KB3 “Installation finish time” $zaman2
write-host $KB3 ” update installed in ” $sonuc.minutes “minute(s) and ” $sonuc.seconds “second(s)”

Note: I have set these codes so that they get information for the update that was set up during the day. If you need information for a different day, you may need to make changes.


Access useful information from the SCCM’s DB #1

There were thousands of machines in the majority of the large companies I consulted and they wanted to follow these machines with SCCM. Reports that are available in the SCCM sometimes may not provide enough information. In such cases the solution comes with Microsoft SQL Management Studio. If you are a system administrator, you will find yourself writing SQL 🙂

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 17

I’m not sure if I can help you write SQL, but I have a lot of ready-made SQL that my customers like a lot. I plan to share these with you one by one. Most of my customers wanted a report like the one below. I have changed the report according to the wishes of the years and I share the final status with you.

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