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Get windows registry value from remote computer

If you manage a large domain network. Your manager may ask you for information about the applications that are installed on the systems at certain intervals. This program can be more important for this company if it is an expensive application.

In the following example, we try to determine which machines have visual studio by collecting registry key information

Goal: Read registry value from remote machine

Source: Read remote machine names from .txt file

Result: Get results in .csv format

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SCCM 2007 ile bir uygulamanın registy değerinin 1 veya 0 olduğuna ulaşmak ve raporlamak

03 August 2012 Leave a comment

Uygulamamız, "Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 R2" olsun, ulaşmak istediğimiz kayıt "PC2PCAVEncription" olsun istediğimiz değer ise kaç makinede "0" ve "1" değerleri mevcut.

  1. Regedit ile kayıt defterinde ulaşmak istediğimiz değeri kontrol edelim.



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